Wednesday, May 21, 2008


A few images from the showers I've planned/help plan.

First, a Bridal by lynnmichelle:

Invitations designed by me.

Favors bags have champagne splits and glasses, along with mixed candy. Tied to the outside of the bag are ring pops.
Snack table - all serving platters are glass. The chocolate fountain we used to make s'mores.

Coke floats - perfect refreshment on a July afternoon.

And two Baby Showers: (first shower photos by lynn-michelle)

I designed this bag (sunflowers, like the nursery) for the mom-to-be to use to take home her customized onsies.

This particular station was a hit!

Thank you cards created by me, provided for the mom-to-be in pre-addressed envelopes.

This last baby shower was a winter shower I hosted for my sister-in-law. I took these photos.

Drinks (sparkling water with pomegranate juice or champagne) were served in old-school glass baby bottles.