Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inspired By Domino

While flipping through the new issue of Domino, I spied this:

and I thought, "Now there is something easy and fun I could do with that old mirror that's hanging in our entry hall."

"That old mirror" is actually this old mirror, inherited from my great-grandmother (mother's father's mother) and dearly loved.

I also have an over-abundance of loose photos and postcards that I've just stuck into the edges of frames on my Wall Of Shame:

So I just pulled them out and compiled them into the mirror:

And my Wall of Shame is back to being as neat as a Wall of Random Stuff can be:

Voila! A freshened entry hall in less than 10 minutes (including time for photos.)

P.S. The Gentleman who owns the mirror has also decoupaged his kitchen appliances. I want to be his new best friend.


Superbeetle from AT said...

Looks great! But I never would have called your photo wall "Wall of Shame." Looks like a home full of life to me. Who needs to live in an anonymous hotel?

One thing though - the mirror belonged to Jenna whatshername from J. Crew, not the decoupage guy (yes, I love Domino!).

Emily said...


"Wall of Shame" is leftover from childhood, when my mother had a similar wall and neither my sister nor myself felt any of the photos were flattering. You know, when you're 15 and your friends come over and your naked baby bottom is on the wall...the name just stuck.

And you're right. I went back and checked. Decoupage guy = different article. I still want to be his best friend, though!