Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Linkage

I have a sticky that I c&p links to every now and again with the intent of referencing them in later blogs. Only now it's rainy and there are a LOT of them and I have no idea what my original intent was...much like most American and the Constitution. (Also I've been sucked into this whole New Justice thing and clearly it's eating my brain.)

So here we go:

I need one. I have googled "tiller" "seeder" "cultivator" and countless other random garden-related words. Everything I get is either big and scary or supremely dumb looking. Help? Please?

When I say "I want a house with a porch," I mean this:

If you're not visiting The Mogg Blogg, you're missing out on some fun design snark. They say what we're all thinking. And it's awesome.

Mary Ruffle posts three enchanting images a day. And on lucky days, she posts some over at her It's Pretty Good site, too. This one is just true.

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