Monday, June 9, 2008

A Little Work Around the House

I saw a video this hack here and was inspired to do this myself. Between us, the husband and I have 3 phones, a DS, and a digital camera...all of which were constantly falling off the filing cabinet we use for charging.

She uses a ribbon box, but I just used a sturdy Christmas gift box that I had shoved into my wrapping station:

I used my trusty craft blade to slice the "exit channel" for all of the wires. Then I covered the box in some lovely paper that came wrapped around sweaters I ordered from Ralph Lauren a few weeks ago (they're on sale and they'll never go out of style). While I cut a 2cm-wide length down the box, I only slit the paper. I think it gives it a cleaner view should anyone catch site of the rear of the box:

I cut holes in the upturned lid for the business end of the plugs and then layered white craft paper over the floor so that you wouldn't see the gold all the time. I used fun packing tape for the hinges:

And Voila! Charging station:

I was also inspired by this blog to do a bit of re-arranging in our pathetic loft-sized refrigerator. Luckily, husband went to the farmers market on Saturday afternoon so the fruit and veg drawers aren't empty.

I promise this isn't product placement. I actually try to keep all the labels facing forward so that things are easier for me to find. Particularly since I like pickles in their whole and chip form and husband likes spears...

Note the bottles on the left - these are actually this vase from ikea that I've just filled with water and capped with wine stoppers. On any given day I will drink through all three and the two voss bottles that share the shelf.

Fruit drawer. From left: lemon/lime, peaches, plums (local and little but so full of flavor), cherries (to be pitted and put in turnovers), and blackberries.

Fruit/Veg drawer from left: corn, cucumbers, funky shaped zucchini, and tomatoes.

I'm making some cards tonight, so I'll post pictures of those. Contemplating making them - on a small scale - and selling them to interested parties. I'm also in the midst of redecorating our master. There's a trip to an India import store for some sari fabric and some paint cans in the future, but when it's finished I'll post images of that.

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Jessica said...

Forget the crispers, I see sausage rolls!