Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things No One "Needs"

For starters:

A cupcake stand. Not inexpensive, given what it is -- Fred Flare provides them -- but imagine a birthday party with one of these at each place setting.

An alternative is a small cake plate, like these at Crate and Barrel. Even more personal but still smaller (perhaps for petite fours?) are individual butter dishes (also Crate and Barrel.) A quick romp through ebay or your favorite vintage site will unearth decorate butter servers in an array of colors and designs. Use them for actual butter during a dinner party or put small desserts - cupcakes, tarts, petite fours, etc - at each setting for a pretty and yummy surprise.

The other thing no one needs?

A good old fashioned bar. Due to copyright restrictions I can't post an image of the one I lust after, but I can post a link. In lieu of the space/finance restricted Ostrich Bar, I'll be picking up and hacking this:

Yes. It's a changing table. It's the Hemnes Changing Table from Ikea, actually. A light sand on the finish, some putty in the screw holes, a coat of paint or stain and a funky application to the interior of the tray and visible back wall of the top shelf, and it will be a nicely weighted bar to replace the $25 not-very-sturdy bookshelf that is currently the home to our liquor. Why not get something fancy with cubbies for wine bottles, you ask? Because ideally, white wine is kept in a chiller and red wine is kept in a closet/chiller at a slightly warmer temperature. Over the fridge, in a bookshelf that is exposed to temperature variations, or anywhere else that might expose the wine to the elements is a Bad Idea unless said wine is going to be served a few days after being placed in one of those places. Also, they're not cute, they restrict organization to less-than-efficient configurations, and they're generally over-priced.

I'm going to steer clear of any kind of tile-mosaic for the tray, too. Nothing shows spills like lines of grout. The bottom will be lined with a nice brushed stainless. Perhaps these, available at interior51:

Alright... time to get my bar in order so I can throw a dinner party and serve mini-cupcakes in vintage butter dishes!

PS - embritadesign.com has been reserved and is coming soon.


Ladybug said...

If you're heading up to Ikea, let me know and we can meet you up there!

Jessica said...

I'm loving the cupcake dish! And the metal tiles... I need them. :)

Krys said...

LOL! That changing table is what we have here in Switzerland!