Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cleaning up the Desktop

And by desktop I mean my computer screen, not my actual Covered-in-post-its desktop. And yes, I use the Stickies application for a lot of my to-do lists so add 1 ever-changing post-it to the myriad that paper my desk.

While blog-surfing I ran across this link for moleskin icons. Since I've always found the manila/blue folder to be a bit generic and not at all inspirational, I downloaded and applied. Behold the screen-shot:

And the cropped to the important bit:

No, the chick Bouldering is not me. But see how colorful and clean everything is? I color-coded them to further the organization: purple for random files, yellow for fiction, blue for design, green for gifts, and red for current invoices.

You'll also notice that off to the side I've added some links for your perusing pleasure: My Fiction Blog is the young-adult fiction piece that I'm working on. It's (obviously) written blog-style and will eventually be pulled offline, the in-between posts will be filled in with exposition, and I'll seek physical publication. Posting it live such as I am forces me to keep the time line realistic. My Not Design Related Blog is exactly that - every now and again I like to ramble. It also has photos from events. Lynn Michelle is - in the interest of full disclosure - a friend of mine. She and my husband went to college together and on occasion we all get together and get giggly. She's also the first person I recommend when someone in the area needs a photographer. Apartment Therapy has many sections, all of which are updated multiple times a day and all of which are inspiring.

In order to keep up with the deluge of information, I highly recommend signing up for the Google Reader. It'll let you know when your favorite blogs are updated. Trust me on this.

Now go forth and be a little more organized!

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