Friday, July 4, 2008

Giving up the Cat Perches

So a few weeks ago, I did this. Well, the cats HATED it. Refused to even consider lounging about on what I made for them. So Before I killed myself adjusting it in the hopes that they would like it, I observed them for a while and then I realized something: I have ground-level cats. They prefer to be under, hidden, and only occasionally do they even get in the window sill -- and that's only when there's something compelling, like a bird. Or a cactus.

Pair that with my need to organize, organize, organize, and you get this:

I simply moved the bottom shelf to hang above the right-hand door and voila! A handy storage spot for you board games. I'm quite sure that other things will be stored up there as well, but right now it's easy to see what we have and be inspired to use it.

Also - don't be intimidated by my bookcase. I know it looks all organized but that's because I was on a tear trying to find something I'd misplaced and over-zealously attacked the books. My mom just got back from the ALA conference (Annaheim this year) and brought a stack of books. They'll have to find a home on that shelf as well....

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