Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wishing for Spring...

Well, warmer weather at least. I've got some buds:

And some green ground cover (clover?) from all the rain:

But mostly I've got an odd jumble and lots of negative space:

(The white wall back there is the garage/summer kitchen and the slatted wall to the right is an "open air rec room" which feels right now like wasted space.)

To the immediate left is the kitchen/back porch and what's in front of you is the (l-r) "rec room", summer kitchen, garage. Because of the way one of the tree trunks is growing we almost never put the car back here. The next picture is what was behind me as I was taking the above picture. If that makes sense.

That's the owner's table. It's fairly generic, but I see no point in replacing it. I'm in the market for some awesome folding chairs to add to it.

I like this one:


Not sure if I like the price, but I'm new at shopping for outdoor furniture. Suggestions?

I'm hoping that a broom and maybe a few coats of paint will help that back picnic table area look less neglected. And since I'm convinced that our gardener is worthless, I'm going to have to clean all that up myself. There's rain in the forecast for the weekend, but that will just give me more time to plan.

Wish me luck.

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Caroline said...

Patio furniture is ALWAYS expensive. We've had good luck at Ikea, and STRANGELY at Wal-Mart. I love shopping for that stuff, though!