Monday, February 2, 2009


I have a sick husband. He's not a baby when he's sick, which is So Nice. But he is running a fever and trying to sleep. So I'm trying to be quiet...which means a lot of the house-related projects are on hold.

Also on hold: packing. Because my closet is in the bedroom where the sick husband is trying to sleep.

Not that I would have gotten a lot of packing done anyway. I'm in Dallas for 10 days. In February. If you're not familiar with Dallas let me explain why that is a packing conundrum. Lows will be in the low 40s- to upper 20s (I'm looking beyond the 7 day forecast and basing this on 25 years of living there.) The days that start out close to freezing will likely end up close to, if not higher than, 70 degrees. It could stay in the mid 60s the whole time (as it will be the first few days that I'm there) OR it could decide on Tuesday to drop a few inches of ice. If it does this it will be on a day that is also in the 70s.

I want to pack one suitcase. I don't want to pack sweaters. I've been jonesing for a heat wave since we got back from Switzerland so what I really want to pack is a bunch of sundresses. But I don't like being cold. AND I discovered upon purging to move here that I hate most of my clothes. So I got rid of them. Ok - mostly they didn't fit/were worn out...but that still leaves me with a half-empty closet.

Maybe none of my lunch dates will care if I just layer up the yoga clothes the whole time I'm there. At least I'll be comfy. Then I can pack flip flops and my uggs and move on.

Oh...speaking a clothes, and a big Thank You shout out to the posters below: the window in Husbands closet has a roman shade that is down most of the time - it was up for the photo. Add to that the giant Peony Tree and the fact that the window is on the North side of the house and there is almost never direct sunlight. But I did bring it up with Husband before the flu set in and he said "Oh yeah wow, I didn't think of that. Tell them thanks." And then he started coughing and said something about curtains. If he hadn't been getting sick I would have thought the cough was to protect his manhood...after all, what manly man brings up curtains to protect his clothes?

I have no new house pictures, so I'll post this picture:

This house is on Minnesota right by the Willow Glen library here in San Jose. I'm not sure if you can see it even when you blow up the image, but in the second floor window - the one facing you with the shade pulled up - is a mannequin...I think it's Mark Twain. Like I said, this house is by the library and also on the street I take to get to quite a few shops, so I pass by regularly. Mark Twain (I'm calling him that, I don't care) is always posed in a different window, in a different position. It's creepy and awesome. I promise to get a better shot one of these days. And find out the story.
This is their front gate. I love the roosters.


Stephen Bartnikowski said...

I have no memory of curtain discussion.

Emily said...

You're on drugs.

Ted said...

I am envious -- of your 10 day trip to Dallas. I long for the warm February days. Nothing but snow, cold, and more snow here. Love hearing about your environs; best to the boy too!