Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Helpful Little Time Killer...

I discovered this little quiz via OhDeeDoh a few days ago and immediately took it. Unlike other "what's your style" quizzes, this one has 14 options (in the form of tiled images) and one gray tile which I took to mean "other." I ignored the "other" option the first few times I took it (I like to retake these things to check for accuracy) and every time I got the following:

"HOME QUEEN: Bringing up baby hasn't in the least bit cramped your sense of style. You have an almost theatrical approach to interior design, dressing up rooms just as you yourself would for a glamorous night out (or in). The look is opulent and luxurious, but can be equally sexy and sophisticated - just like you!"

And before you get all excited, NO, there's no baby in the house. Yet. There's not really one on the way either, but since we plan to be parents sooner rather than later, I chose as though I were already preparing.

You can then choose to read a more in-depth accounting of each room...for FREE. I found it fairly spot-on.

A minute ago, just to see what it would say, I hit the "other" option at every chance and received this answer:

"Ooops! Now you've done it! Actually this doesn't work and it's probably our fault..."

So probably your best bet is to actually chose from the images.

And, because I like to have some images, I'm going to post one I found this morning on I actually like the sign behind his head and am considering making one for our office. Of course, instead of LA, it'll say Dallas. (yes, that's Josh Groban)

PS - I'm updating the links on the right so you can keep up with the cool kids, too.

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♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Josh Groban... yummmmmers.... Oh, and I guess the sign is cool, too. ;-)