Thursday, September 18, 2008

My To-Do List

Before I forget, if you liked the paper crafts below, here's a link to even more...and not just animals. I still think these would add such a fun, whimsical touch to a child's room. And if your children are a little older and/or have the fine motor skills for it, it would make a great afternoon project.

And speaking of projects, I've got a nice little list to do around here myself.

First, finish the bedroom. So far it's painted:

The walls and ceiling are Benjamin Moore's Almost Black in eggshell and glossy, respectively. The molding is an acidy-yellow-green that I mixed from leftover paint I had laying around. Notice that I cut my bed out of the shot? That's because the spread is tan. I plan on hitting an India import store that I know of and picking up something colorful to hang in the windows and cover the bed.

Note: the dark paint does, in fact, make the room cave-like at night. If it weren't for the 15' windows it would be cave-like all the time. I sleep so well now.

Next on the list is this cedar chest:

It survived my childhood and came out slightly scarred. I actually think my mom bought it at a yard sale for $25 back in the 70s. It's solid cedar. I'm going to sand down the top and put a clear coat sealant on it. (The base is a new base my brother-in-law made to replace the one which had broken during a move. It also will be sealed.) Then I'll have a cushion made and it will be a nice window seat.

Finally, this table, also inherited from my mother.

Her Grandmother bought it for her at a yard-sale, and I love the shape but not color. So it will be sanded down and restained...this weekend? Maybe ebony?

This is the top of the table (arms of sofa and chair) and the beginnings of my halloween decoration (note the candy). The candle in front is sitting in a candlewick ashtray - the perfect size for candles. The orange candlesticks are from Anthropolgie a few years ago and I love them but I can never get the candles to stay vertical. Any suggestions?

To leave you on a completely unrelated note (and with baited breath to see the "after" shots)...

Happy Birthday, Lance Armstrong!

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Krys said...

to keep your candles straight is really easy. you can trim down a bit of seran wrap, tinfoil or cotton swab, and wrap it around the base of the candle before you put it in the candleholder. You only need a little bit of stuffing to keep them upright, and you can trim it so none of it is sticking out.