Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Nursery Idea and advice from Jonathan Adler

First, I was reading this morning (in the Huffington Post) that Mr. Adler has "a saying in my company: The wife is always right unless the husband is gay. This is an excellent saying and questioning your husband's sexuality is a great way to get him to shut up. Assuming that this is not the case and your husband is straight (is he?), you simply have no recourse other than to eliminate him from the process. Take into account some of his functional needs, and then ignore everything else."

This is how I managed to get a pink bathroom.

Next, I ran across these little cuties and immediately thought "these would be so cute in a nursery!"

That's a coelacanth, thought extinct for millenia until a live one was discovered off the coast of Cape Town. It's made of paper and available here, along with these other charming creatures and many, many more:

Giant Panda (did you hear about the Panda Baby Boom?)

A little Spotted Kiwi.

A Giant Armadillo.

And a Juan Fernandez Fur Seal.

They are available for download from Yamaha's Site as paper crafts. It would make a fun rainy day activity for the kids (or kids at heart) and, as my sister pointed out: would be great to do during the forest curriculum with 1st graders! Edutainment, as my husband calls it.


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♥ ♥ ♥ said...

I love the panda bear!! Great idea!