Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bulletin Board

I'm in the midst of the very slow re-organizing/decorating of the home office. It started months ago when we smashed our desks together to make a partner's desk - which only works if you're not BOTH working from home.

I just noticed that I didn't take the picture right after it was set up and still all neat so I just took this one. You get the point, though. The far desk belongs to my husband - his setup is specifically for the purposes of composing straight to Garage Band, so that will likely always stay. But the shelves will be moved and replaced with art/diplomas/posters/etc. Also that's the least convenient place to store a bicycle. Still trying to figure that one out.

In the last setup (which I also don't have photos of) I had a bulletin board and a white board above my desk. The bulletin board is roughly 4,000,000,000 years old and badly in need of a facelift. Behold:

It actually looks better in this imafe than it did in real life. So I painted it bronze and trimmed it out with some pink and white ribbon. Then I took a package of clear push-pins, dipped their tips in glue and then in glitter, and poked them into the cork to dry.

And voila! A fresh, new, bulletin board:

Now if I can just get motivated enough to do the rest of the office...

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