Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Before/After: Kitchen part 1

Before. This is actually WAY before. This is a midway-through-unpacking image of our lovely mid-70s kitchen.

After. I got sick of the doors. They were a hazard...and inconvenient. No bueno. (And yes, we are that anal. I didn't have to straighten up much for the shelves to look like that.)

But notice something odd about that image? If you look at the stile on the left hand side...about where the hinge would be...

You see it. When they stained our cabinets this *lovely* color, they stained the hinges. I had to chip through stain just to get to the screws.

This makes me stabby.

Deep even breaths and repeat after me:

"Not my house...
Not my house...
Not my house...."

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