Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jumping In

A few weeks ago I read a book called The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible. By A.J. Jacobs (my full review here) In the intro is this little story from Rabbi Andy Bachman, who heads up Congregation Beth Elohim in Brooklyn. It's a Midrash (a story not in the bible but which deals with biblical events:

"We all think of the scene in The Ten Commandments movie with Charlton Heston, where Moses lifted up his rod and the waters rolled back. But this Midrash says that's not how it happened. Moses lifted up his rod and the sea did not part. The Egyptians were closing in and the sea wasn't moving. So a Hebrew named Nachson just walked into the water. He waded up to his ankles, then his knees, then his waist, then his shoulders. And right when the water was about to go up his nostrils, the sea parted.
The point is, sometimes miracles occur only when you jump in."

And to quote Jacobs: "So I did."

I've been researching freelance resources here for some articles. I've been trying to wade through the details of interstate business law to get Embrita Design transferred to California. I've also been working on my latest complete novel - gutting the b-plot and reworking details of the a-plot. Husband is supportive enough to realize that the combination of moving us across the country and the weak economy is the perfect situation for me to pursue my dream of being published 100%.

However, that won't pay the bills so I've set up an account on art.com to sell prints of my photography. I'm scanning negatives and giving my photoshop the biggest workout of its life to get up a good spread. As soon as they're approved there will, of course, be a link in case your room needs a poster.

In between that my goal this week is to put something up on our walls. I'm thinking some vignettes to give it character. And since Husband has also said that he doesn't want to move anytime soon I'm going to just commit. I think I was holding out to make sure that we're staying here longer than a few months. If, by August, he doesn't mind not having central air (apparently that's rare in this neck of the woods) I might even un-beige the walls. That would make me a happy, happy girl.

PS - Our "official" "Welcome to CA" photo was taken this weekend on a tour of the city with a good friend of Husbands:

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