Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Phenomenal Cosmic Power...

Itty Bitty Living Space!

Yes, that's the guest room with a bed in it. I moved the ottoman under the console table so there would be room for it. The red/black/white color scheme is accidental. In fact, the original bed we wanted:

was going to be orange. And the black chair ended up in the guest room because we keep the door closed and I wanted to protect it from the cats. We chose red linens so that we would know which ones were for the guest room so they could always be cat-dander free. We have a lot of important guests who are allergic to cats. Such as the one who arrives in 4 hours!

Here's what the bed looks like without the linens:

Yes, it's a blow-up bed. I'll give you a review after it's been slept on for a week.

This room will be the nursery, which I've started planning. Because apparently once you get into the match process your match could happen while the mother is three or four months along or it could happen when she's three or four hours into labor. I'm not going to go crazy: one of the benefits of not carrying the child and going through labor is that you're not recovering after the baby comes home. So I can do a lot as the personality of our child develops. However, some things have to be waiting: car seat, bassinet, clothing, bottles, formula. Also I like to have a plan. I'll keep you posted.

And if you want to follow my insanity as we go through the process (and just my insanity in general) follow this link.

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