Sunday, March 1, 2009

The good thing about all of this rain

Is that it's making my trees explode...well, that's good and bad.

Plum? Cherry? In the front - loads of bright pink blooms. Also the twisted peach trees are starting to bloom, so that's one less potentially dead-tree that we have.

Cherry Plums? Apple? In the back. From three blossoms to three million practically overnight.

And the bad:

At one point it literally rained oranges.

We got a couple of porch chairs (yay Target!) that I'll take pictures of when the sun comes out. Husband celebrated by sitting out in the Wind and Orange Rain and smoking a cigar.

Also I think I'm going to be able to salvage one of the picnic table benches...assuming the weight of our cats doesn't do it in completely. The other one is toast. It will be offered up in a picnic table bench ceremony as soon as it stops raining on us. Which, according to the National Weather Service, is NEVER. (ok, Thursday. Maybe.)


arcadia said...

looks like cherry blossoms, but pinker than I'm used to, so maybe plum.. For cherry, the surface of the tree should be pleasantly smooth, like leather, with some longish breaks in it. Plum trees (at least italian) tend to have a much less touchable exterior.

♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Just wait until summer when the oranges fall, split open, and attract droves of ants in about 5 seconds. It's still worth it though. :)