Monday, March 2, 2009

Dining Area Before/After

I know what you're thinking. Last time we looked into the dining area it looked like this. And now the table is functional!?! That happened yesterday. I threw my hands in the air, gave up trying to find the perfect storage spot for the extra glassware, and stuck it in the guest room.

The glass bowls were a wedding gift - the table and chairs belong to our landlord. The far left (empty) bowl usually has lemons in it, but we used all of ours and the ones on the tree still look like limes.

The facing wall:

And then this inspiration...leads to...

Clearly a work in progress, since that shelf is empty. No idea what's going to go up there.

The wall behind the table, though, got some treatment:

(Those are green coffee bean bags.)

And there are the small things:

This chair was one of my first DIY projects, so that the paint is chipping off is no surprise. It sits there so that whoever is not cooking can chat with the cook.

And now my aprons hang there, in easy reach. (Anthropologie)

Sorry about the weird lighting in the photos. It's bright but overcast and the lights in the kitchen turn everything yellow. So the white balance completely freaked out.

And now for lunch. And then maybe more art hanging???

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