Monday, April 20, 2009

92 degrees plus no a/c = Fan Shopping

We here in Northern Cali are having an anomalous heat wave. (I've been told it's anomalous. I'm starting to think I got the Bait and Switch with the bill of goods they sold me.)

It's 92 degrees. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "But Emily, you came from Texas where that's not uncommon - even in March! And you LOVE hot weather." And you'd be right. On both counts.

No residences in Northern California have central air. Almost no residences. And that includes us. And the only ceiling fan is in the dining area of the kitchen. AND the front windows on the house don't open...which means that even *if* there were a breeze, there would be no cross- flow because to open the front door allows in insects that will bite/sting my cats when they become kitty food.

Luckily, all of our lovely lovely trees are shading the house, which keeps it cool. So it's only 84 inside. And I've got two little desk fans that are going, and I'm in a could be worse.

Nevertheless, I've been fan shopping.

And what have I found gentle readers? It's either Ugly or Out of Our Price Range.

But I'm not stingy. Here's what I like:

When we have our large plantation/craftsman house with a sleeping porch, this $8k fan might find a home. (After I sell Husband into white slavery, of course...oh wait, that's how we're paying for the house...)

This one (an almost reasonable $250) Is meant to be on a desktop or table top, it sucks air in from the top/bottom and blows it out the other side - without, they claim - disturbing your papers. It was used in banks...? I like it for the kitchen/dining area. Or even the living area where I do my crafty crafty time wasters.

This one hangs from the ceiling - I like that the blades are encased because we have low low ceilings and we are not short people.

This one also comes as a sconce, which I truly, truly dig.

I could put one of these in every room in my house, but right now the kitchen and bathrooms (did I mention NO A/C?) seems ideal.

This one doesn't blow my skirt up, but it's not bad for what it is. (Have I mentioned that I *hate* ceiling fans?)

This one also comes as a desktop.

And given that we don't own this place and will only be replacing one fixture due to its sheer ugliness/impractibility, we're likely to go with ones that don't require a knowledge of wiring.

So now I'm on a quest to find at least 2 floor fans that aren't hideous and won't impede the Saving of Money for the Purposes of Adoption.

Wish me luck!

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