Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nursery 1.0

So this is my first official draft of what the nursery looks like.

I'm playing around with doing the boards - and this is less and inspiration board and more a planning board - completely digitally, a la Making It Lovely (which it always is.)

Although none of this is purchased, this is the plan. The backdrop is actually the room. Note the paneling. The fact that I like the paneling and couldn't paint it even if I didn't like it means that it stays and some art is hung. Given that we don't know the gender of the child, I haven't even planned it.

The fan is from Target. All of the furniture save the rocker, but including the pendant, is IKEA, as are the rugs. The fatboy ottoman is there as a placeholder. I will have a squishy ottoman, but will it be fatboy? It's hard to say. I'm also a fan of beanbags and at some point - when toddling happens, at least one bean bag will make its way into the room. The butterflies, purchased from Neimans and used in both my wedding and my sister's wedding will hang in the window - as part of science if it's a boy and part of pretty if it's a girl.

Like I said: incarnation one. I'm exploring the flor tiles, and while they're starting to be ubiquitous, I made love them anyway...

So that's what I've done today.

PS - In case you don't stalk me, Husband and I are adopting. We'll start the match process in the fall. To follow those exploits, go here and click on the adoption tag.


DAVID said...

Love love love Flor tiles. You can create a large, eco-friendly rug for a fairly decent price.

And if a child, or, in my case, a chihuahua, soils a section of the rug, you can take it to the sink and wash it off.

And, yes, Flor tiles are ubiquitous. However, it's what you do with the Flor tiles that makes it unique.

And congrats on the adoption!

Demi said...

Are you going to put a changing pad on top of the dresser? Or try and go without?

Funny story, my parents used a similar 3-drawer dresser & changing pad for both my bro and me. I took it with me when I moved out and it has been: a bedside table, a dresser, extra storage in a (big) bathroom, microwave stand, and is currently my landing strip. Best investment my parents ever made!

It's so wonderful ya'll are adopting!!

Emily said...

@ David - that is the allure of the flor tiles. And thank you!

@ Demi - We'll put a changing pad up there, but I actually think that the reality will be diaper changes happen where they happen once the baby starts crawling, but it's nice to start off organized. I have a 3-drawer dresser as my current bedside table - they certainly are versatile! Thank you, too!