Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally put my hammer to use

Just call me Captain Hammer! (except I'm a girl and look nothing like Nathan Fillion.)

Remember this? Now it looks like this:

That's an antique stereoscope on the left (inherited) and my favorite mirror. Also I have not read those books, yet. Public Enemies is about to be a very promising movie.

But that's not all I did yesterday while our internet was down. I also hung this:

and this:

and this:

That one might be joined by another. I'm not sure yet. It's on the wall of the hallway - to the right is the guest room and to the left the master so I'll walk by it a LOT. Your thoughts?

And then this one:

Yes, that's a certificate for the Children of the Confederacy. It belonged to my great grandmother, Pauline. That is not her in the picture. Those are husband's grandparents. The only thing that might change here is that I'll move Pauline's picture to the table. And replace the lamp, which belongs to our landlord and which has remained strictly out of function.

(It amuses me the impact this might have on our homestudy..but I'm not moving it!)

Happy Friday!

ps - LOVE that I got to use Captain Hammer in this blog. Love.


Becca said...

I like the white wood grain paneling!

Emily said...

Thanks! Me, too. I wasn't sure at first but now it's completely grown on me.