Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Sheesh. I have no words. So here's an explanation. In photos:

My husband's car. A 1997 Saturn SL2. It has less than 100k miles on it. This is what happens when the hydrolics go out on the ramp of the car carrier. This damage (plus whatever might have happened to the shocks/motor mounts) totaled it. Luckily we have good insurance and no real need for a second car. And Husband is going to use the insurance money for a scooter and/or a new bicycle. Something carbon that doesn't come with pedals.

I just like the labeling here.


Guest Room

Our Home Depot looks like George Jetson designed it.

The living room about halfway through Sunday. (Boxes and furniture were moved in on Friday)

I took halfway through photos last night, but to add them now will make for a really long blog. So I'll leave you with just one. Remember the cat beds? Well, one of them always had toys. We decided that maybe it was time to remove the cat toys from it and put it to use as a planter...since that's how it was designed.

This is not its final spot, but as of right now we're not tripping over it and the cats can access their wheat grass. Which they love. There are dirt paw prints all over the place now. If there weren't also empty boxes, packing paper, and general detritus all over the place I'd be bothered.

P.S. While I was scrolling through trying to find the cat bed photo I saw all of those pictures of our old loft. I miss that place. I miss Dallas. Part of me is glad that we decided to try a completely different lifestyle in our new town so that we could have this experience. But it's still so new that mostly I just miss my old place. Maybe that will change by the time I stop tripping over boxes.

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Ted said...

!AWOL -- Glad you made it, sorry to hear about S's car; ouch! Your pictures have certainly helped me to decide not to move anytime soon! Envious, not of the Home Depot, but of the blue skies behind it. Haven't seen the sky for all the clouds and snow in more than two weeks.