Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reader suggestion: Walk in Closet...

An idea we hadn't even considered for the Tiny Weird Room. A Walk-in closet. And since it would be husband's walk in closet it wouldn't be too weird...

Trust me. Check out his clothing situation as it is now:

View of shirts from the floor.

View of slacks, sport coats, and suits from the floor.

Not pictured: t-shirts and sweaters, which are on a shelf above this stuff.

Shoes, belts, sundries - ON THE FLOOR. (ick)

This is the right side of the built in that exists in the weird tiny room. The plastic-wrapped clothes are suits that needs tailoring. The rest is my vintage and the gift wrap organizer.

He's got a 3 drawer dresser as well, but it's currently in use as my bedside table so it will probably continue to reside there.

My plan? Inspired by the commenter on the previous post and Jane from Sea Of Shoes: a Walk In Closet.

My thoughts are to put tension rods in at the spot to the left of the built in closets, like so:


And then this to the left where the door to the furnace is, since that needs to be accessible:


And for his shoes:


Although if it were my shoes, then I would completely copy Jane:


As it is, I'll just have to be patient...

And hey, maybe we'll put some temporary wallpaper up so the place isn't *so* dreary...

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Demi said...

WOW! You really do need the storage space. I'm going to be envious when you get your room done before I do.