Thursday, January 22, 2009

Library? Craft Room? Weird Little Space we Stick Boxes in and Otherwise Ignore?

We have a weird space:

From wall to wall it's 8' wide and 11'3" deep. That's the entry on the right of the diagram - the door at the top is to a very slender bathroom. The built in cupboard (top left) is 2' deep and 4'2" wide. The water heater/furnace housing is 2'3" by 5'1". It's one of the rooms the owner doesn't want me to paint, which is a shame since the only window is too small to fit a Jockey through and the walls are paneled. And not the cool panel that reminds me of the quickly-becoming-ubiquitous tree wallpaper, either.

I'm not even talking about that carpet. Luckily it exists in this tiny weird little room and the "rec room" that's attached to the summer kitchen. Those built-ins are already full, by the way. The left side is coats and wrapping paper and the right side is husband's overflow and my vintage. Have I mentioned our tiny closet situation?

So this is what I'm brainstorming today as I continue to organize the inside kitchen. I'm putting off the summer kitchen, garage, and rec room until it's reliably in the March, I think.

I did pick up these for the inside kitchen:

Oh, and I did a flickr search and found some "Craft room" sets that I find inspiring. If only I could PAINT!

This one has a bedazzled phone, among other goodies. It's much more intense than what I need. I basically need gift wrap and scrapbook storage. Which even feels like over-statement because all of my scrapbook gear fits into a specialty bag that is lighter than what I carried daily to college. Her craft room also has that Keep Calm and Carry On poster, which is starting to feel contrived to me.

I would like to have a sewing machine and dress form one day, and that room would actually be good for that. But I don't own either of those items, yet.

This one has an Anthropologie Window display that I enjoy.

I love the wall color in this one.

And I just like the personality in this little corner shot.

We'll see what I can come up with for my corner space.

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Demi said...

So have one of these and have been struggling with what to do too. I envision turning it into a a huge, lovely walk in closet. Shelves lining the walls, hanging on one section, perfectly organized like when the mom goes shopping in Blast from the Past.