Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weird room ----> Walk-In

So remember the weird little room? And the changing plans...a little trip to Home Depot and roughly $40 later and voila! Husband has the best closet in the house. Probably in his life.

The curtains in the bathroom belong to the homeowner. It's on my redo list.

I switched the tall bookshelf (from target, will be replaced because it's not going to survive another move) with the short one so that there could be natural light and fresh air. The lamp was just there to help me see.

That's all I bought, excluding the shelf at the top. That's leftover from the loft. (tear)

I moved my vintage/formals and the wrapping paper to the now-empty guest room so the right side of built-in is exclusively suits. Husband's suits. My bags are up on that shelf because I just haven't moved them, yet. I know. Lazy me. The left side is still coats.

I did not color coordinate his clothes. He even wears them in order as to ensure equal wear-and-tear. There will probably be a little bench/stool in there somewhere so he can sit and tie his shoes. Until then he'll have to walk 15' to his desk and sit there.

Now his clothes have room to breathe!

And the bonus is that the owner left his mirror so now Husband has one, too!

It's not the closet Big built for Carrie, but it's a good start.


Demi said...

OMG you got that done so fast! It looks wonderful! I love that you left the window accessable. Does he love it?

Emily said...


He loves it. He said it was "Stunning." And now that we moved all of his toiletries into that bathroom (the one with the good shower) he's got his own spot to be loud in the morning so I can sleep in!

CGdesigngirl said...

Hi - I found your blog through AT. I just wanted to say be careful of having clothes near a window - sunlight can seriously damage clothing. One day someone will notice one side of your husbands shirts will be lighter than the other...

Rachel said...

That's interesting about the sunlight. To counteract, have him wear his clothes through one cycle, then turn all hangers to face the other way, for equal sun bleaching. He of all people would actually keep track of that. You get lots of wife points for this closet!!