Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally! Something complete enough that I can walk away from it

Check it out:

Bookcases: you know them as the ubiquitous and amazing Billy Bookcases from IKEA.

Ok - so what's temporary about this is the empty shelf on the bottom left. It's empty because it's sitting over a (closed) heating vent. And while we never turn the heat up to anything truly balmy, I didn't want to risk warping anything by having it directly over the vent.

Also temporary is the rug by the front door. We needed something and it's roughly the right size.

Finally - my Wall of Shame was dismantled prior to the move and the hallway is too tiny for such a gallery so the photos have been spread out over the flat surfaces, which I don't always like but am going to live with until I get it organized and hung.

The rest of the house still makes me cringe upon entering.
So that's where I'm at. Yippie!

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Anonymous said...

stack that bookshelf on top of the other bookshelf, then you will be done. its just that the space between the two bookcases a little strange. plus, it would be really nice looking. just make sure that you attach that little piece to the wall to secure the bookcase.